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Conveyancing and Land Law Committee

Conveyancing and Land Law Committee

The role of the Conveyancing and Land Law Committee (CLLC) is:

  • to review and promote improvements in all branches of land law, conveyancing procedure and practice and related matters, equal focus being given to commercial and residential property
  • to respond to consultation documents from, and generally engage with, relevant outside bodies
  • to assist the profession to adapt to anticipated regulatory and other changes
  • to promote solicitors' firms as the leading providers of quality conveyancing services. including assisting the Law Society with the development of any conveyancing products or services
  • to provide practical assistance and expert technical guidance to the profession through the production of practice notes, articles and other communications
  • to provide both a free pool of specialist expertise and a representative sounding board.


  • Committee secretary - Jessica Evans
  • Policy adviser - Diane Latter
  • Russell Hewitson (Chair)
  • Peter Rodd (CM)
  • Sarah Dwight
  • Philip Freedman
  • Laura Ford
  • Warren Gordon
  • Laurie Heller
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Alasdair Lewis
  • Mark Sellers
  • Nick Taggart
  • Thom Wilkinson
  • Dona Awano