Housing Law Committee

Housing Law Committee

This Housing Law Committee:

  • keeps under review and promotes improvements in law and practice relating to residential letting in the public and private sectors (including security of tenure, rent control, repairing obligations, harassment/illegal eviction and homelessness)
  • monitors and promotes improvements in the practice and procedure of courts and tribunals relating to housing cases
  • promotes and develops legal services and awareness of legal issues in the housing field.

Who to contact

Committee secretary: Reece Shead
Policy assistant: Duncan Neish


  • Rosemary Keczkes (Chair)
  • Daniel Fitzpatrick (CM)
  • Sian Evans
  • Claire Sephton
  • Rhiannon Price
  • Angus King
  • Andrea Williams
  • Jamie Saunders
  • Sara Stephens
  • Christian Hansen
  • Andrew Lucas