Wills and Equity Committee

Wills and Equity Committee

This committee:

  • to advise the Society on matters relating to the reform of the law and the legislative process relating to wills, probate, financial and tax planning, trusts and estate administration and, insofar as it relates to such matters, the law relating to mental capacity and charities
  • to support the development of up to date professional advice and guidance on such matters
  • to review and advise on the role, design and operation of relevant accreditation schemes
  • to liaise with the Society's Private Client Section.

Who to contact

Committee secretary: Asaad Aslam
Policy adviser: Mary Fapujuwo


  • John Perry (CM)
  • Azeam Akram
  • Ian Bond (Chair)
  • Kieran Bowe
  • Lesley King
  • Henrietta Mason
  • Debra Morris
  • Holly MiĆ©ville-Hawkins
  • Lorraine Robinson
  • Gary Rycroft
  • Fiona Smith
  • Roderick Smith
  • Jo Summers
  • Byron Jones
  • Stephen Lawson
  • Melinda Giles