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GDPR resources and support

The Law Society offers services and publications to help firms prepare for GDPR and we will be adding more.

Risk and Compliance Service

The Law Society’s Risk and Compliance Service helps COLPs, COFAs and those with risk management responsibilities in a variety of ways, including GDPR compliance.


Law Society Publishing has published EU GDPR - A Guide to the New Law by James Castro-Edwards which can be ordered from our bookshop.

Cybersecurity services

Over the next few months we will be introducing some GDPR-specific products and services. In the meantime, see our cybersecurity services for products to help you comply with the cybersecurity demands of GDPR.



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Get Data Protection Ready (GDPR): Down to the wire

At this event on 17 April, expert speakers from the ICO, Law Society and DigitalLawUK will help answer any last-minute questions you have about cybersecurity and GDPR.

Get Data Protection Ready (GDPR): Down to the wire > More