• Joe sets out his priorities for the year

    Joe Egan

    Bolton-based solicitor, Joe Egan is the 173rd president of the Law Society of England and Wales.

    A past president of the Bolton Law Society and representative for solicitors in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, Joe Egan succeeds outgoing president Robert Bourns.

    Joe Egan has set five priorities for his year as president of the Law Society, which are:

    1. 1. maintaining continuity within the Law Society and the support it offers to solicitors
    2. 2. promoting the solicitor profession at home and aboard, including the development of a Local Law Society manual
    3. 3. leading our Global Legal Centre campaign - promoting our profession and jurisdiction as the leading centre for legal services.
    4. 4. promoting access to justice, and,
    5. 5. advancing social mobility in the solicitor profession.

    See the latest press releases, news and activity from Joe:

  • Letter from the president to judge regarding HMCTS Flexible Operating Hours pilot

    Joe Egan, president of the Law Society, has expressed concern over the controversial scheme.

    16 August 2017

    HMCTS proposals for a flexible operating hours pilot raises more concerns than solutions

    Speed, ease and efficiency are laudable objectives for the court system in England and Wales, but current proposals for a flexible operating hours pilot raise far more concerns than solutions. When the plan to pilot extended court opening hours was first announced in May, the Law Society warned HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) that the scheme could heap more pressure on an already fragile system.

    4 August 2017

    Independence of the legal profession underpins rule of law

    "This separation of powers ensures that the law can hold every one of us accountable, from the most vulnerable to the most powerful."

    24 July 2017
    Press release

    Proposed hike in probate fees

    Law Society president Joe Egan wrote to The Times regarding the government’s proposal to hike probate fees, which is set to surface again.

    13 July 2017
    Letter to editor

    Law Commission consultation on wills a welcome step towards modernisation

    A public consultation by the Law Commission is a welcome step towards updating our will-making laws.

    13 July 2017
    Press release

    President Joe Egan delivers his inaugural speech

    On 6 July, vice-president of the Law Society Joe Egan became the 173rd president, taking over former president Robert Bourns. Joe delivered his inaugural speech at the Annual General Meeting, at the Law Society in Chancery Lane.

    11 July 2017

    Clarity on sources of impartial legal advice for Grenfell

    The Law Society signposts North Kensington Law Centre's role providing free, impartial advice to Grenfell residents.

    10 July 2017
    Press release

    Law Society welcomes new president Joe Egan

    Bolton-based solicitor Joe Egan was today inaugurated as the 173rd president of the Law Society of England and Wales.

    6 July 2017
    Press release
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