Company Law Committee

Company Law Committee

The role of the Company Law Committee is:

  1. To keep under review and to promote improvements in the law, practice and procedure applying to:
    • companies and businesses regardless of form
    • insolvency
    • financial services, including investment vehicles.
  2. To consider and respond to Government, European and other regulatory initiatives, proposals, legislation and guidance affecting these areas, and to support and promote the role of solicitors in these fields.

Who to contact

Committee secretary: Jessica Evans
Policy adviser: Olufola Oluwole


  • Elizabeth Wall (Chair)
  • Tim Boxell
  • Edward Craft
  • Harriet Creamer
  • Robert Adam
  • Tom Brassington
  • Lucy Fergusson
  • Anthony Turner
  • Jamie Leader
  • Phillip Jordan
  • David Hicks
  • Robert Crothers
  • Sue McLaughlin
  • Chris Randall
  • Anthony Foster
  • Alex Hand
  • Simon Currie
  • Hugo Barton
  • Stephen Hewes
  • Ben Griffiths
  • Emma Grant
  • David Pudge
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