Criminal Law Committee

Criminal Law Committee

The role of the Criminal Law Committee is:

  • to keep under review and to promote improvements in criminal law, practice and procedure
  • to consider matters referred to the Committee by other committees, working parties and task forces.

Who to contact

Committee secretary: Asaad Aslam
Policy adviser: Janet Arkinstall


  • Richard Atkinson (Co-Chair)
  • Mark Bishop
  • Malcolm Duxbury
  • Patrick Harris
  • Michael Jones
  • Ian Kelcey (Co-Chair)
  • Shelagh Lyth
  • Rebecca Niblock
  • Mark Newby (CM)
  • Dharmesh Patel
  • Gregory Stewart
  • Rodney Warren (CM)
  • Bill Waddington (CM)
  • Scott Bowen
  • Alan East (CM)
  • Matthew Hickling
  • Stuart Nolan