Intellectual Property Law Committee

The purpose of the Intellectual Property Committee is to report to the Law Society's LAPB in relation to matters of national and international intellectual property.

The Committee will normally consider reporting on intellectual property matters only where doing so addresses any one or more of these objectives:

  • influencing law reform to achieve a better system of justice
  • supporting solicitors to help them achieve the standards expected of them, and deliver good service
  • regulating and setting standards for solicitors to make sure they deliver a good and ethical service to consumers
  • representing the interests of solicitors as a whole.

The Committee considers the objectives listed above to cover reports on:

  • the clarity, accessibility and workability of intellectual property legislation and practices
  • the ability of proposed intellectual property legislation or practices to achieve their stated purpose
  • matters concerning intellectual property awareness among private individuals and companies and within public bodies.

The Committee will consider the following factors in deciding whether to report on an issue, and in framing that report:

  • the extent to which the issue raises questions that fall within the Committee objectives
  • the need for expert Intellectual Property input on the issue
  • the extent of resources available to the Committee
  • the timeliness of the request
  • the likely impact of a report from the Committee.

The Committee will not report on intellectual property matters for the purpose of advancing any particular factional interests over any other factional interest.

Who to contact

Committee Secretary: Jemima Lovatt
Policy adviser: Lauren Rabiotti


  • Mark Anderson (Chair)
  • Gareth Dickson
  • Matthew Harris
  • James Love
  • Carolyn Pepper
  • Madeleine Richards
  • John Sykes
  • Nick Wenban-Smith
  • Edward Nodder
  • Michelle Blunt
  • Michael Hawkins
  • Duncan Ribbons
  • Roland Mallinson
  • Alexander Weedon
  • John Enser
  • Karmen Koh Allen
  • Cam Gatta