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Promoting our members

  • Representing solicitors

    We will promote the value of using a solicitor at home and abroad.

    • We are proud of the profession and will celebrate what it means to be a solicitor. We will promote the benefits of using solicitors to the public and to business. We will positively differentiate solicitors from other providers of legal services, whether the services are provided by a law firm or through a solicitor working in-house.
    • We will promote the law of England and Wales as the jurisdiction of choice and the value that legal services bring to the economy.
    • We will encourage the best candidates to join the profession regardless of their background and highlight the significant contribution solicitors make.

    Our key activities to achieve this over the next three years will be:

    Helping members generate new business and keep existing business by:

    • Developing and launching a campaign to promote the solicitor brand, this will build pride in the profession, promote the value of legal services to civil society, and communicate the benefits of using a solicitor. It will differentiate solicitors from other providers of legal services, to the public, and to personal and business clients, so people can make informed decisions when choosing a solicitor.
    • Promoting England and Wales as the jurisdiction of choice at home and internationally, increasing the economic contribution of the legal sector by helping our members to expand their businesses.
    • Helping the public to identify and access legal services delivered by our members through our Find a Solicitor (FAS) service, and through the recognition and promotion of specialist skills.

    Promoting recognition of the wider contribution solicitors make to society including:

    • Delivering corporate social responsibility (CSR).
    • Providing free legal advice (pro bono).
    • Acting as advocates to speak up for and represent clients.

    Encouraging access to the profession for the best candidates, regardless of their social background. We will do this through schemes such as our Diversity Access Scheme and by promoting our Diversity Charter which allows firms to demonstrate their commitment to equality, diversity, inclusion and social mobility.

    Collaboratively building on mutual strengths and differences by:

    • Working collaboratively with local organisations and special interest groups for the benefit of our members so we can be there for our members; internationally, nationally and locally.
    • Promoting engagement across the profession between our Council members, committees and constituents.

    Raising the profile of our international work and how it supports members.

  • Our other aims and what we will deliver:

    Represent solicitors

    We represent solicitors by speaking out for justice and on legal issues.

    Support solicitors

    We support solicitors to develop their expertise and their businesses, irrespective of whether they work for themselves, in-house or for a law firm.