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Solicitor Judges Division

  • The Solicitor Judges Division offers you an ideal way to engage with your peers - both solicitors interested in becoming judges and fellow judiciary. Membership is free.

    Questions about the Solicitor Judges Division? Please call us on 020 7320 5990 or email

  • The division provides regular communications, local events and networking opportunities at a national and circuit level for solicitor judges and aspiring solicitor judges. It has been developed in liaison with, and in response to, feedback from solicitor judges with the aim of creating a community, and enabling engagement with the Law Society.

    Who can join?

    Any solicitor holding a judicial appointment in either the courts or the tribunals can join. Plus, solicitors that may be considering a judicial career and as long as you are on ‘the roll’ you can join. For further information relating to how you stay on the roll, or how to update your information on the roll, please visit the Solicitors Regulation Authority or call 0370 606 2555 ext 3.

    Why should I join?

    Joining the division will enable you to connect with other solicitor judges and become more involved in the profession through events and networking opportunities. It will also give you the opportunity to engage further with the Law Society, creating a stronger and more integrated legal profession.

    Membership benefits

    Your membership benefits are designed to augment the support already available to you as a Law Society member. There is no fee, and membership will entitle you to:

    • Support for solicitor judges in reaching the higher judiciary
    • Opportunities to help launch a judicial career for solicitors
    • Local networking
    • Regular e-newsletters and updates
    • Specialised events and training

    How do I join?

    Simply complete and return the membership form (PDF 170kb).

    For enquiries please email

    Other Law Society services

    All of the above section benefits are in addition to the range of quality services that you can already access as a member of the Law Society, including:

    Gazette online
    The weekly print issue is in electronic form specially designed for your iPad or Android tablet. You can also receive a paper copy at

    A wide range of legal research from point-in-time legislation, finding precedents, case law, parliamentary material, articles and even genealogy can be accessed by telephoning 020 7320 5946 or emailing

    Represents and promotes a diverse membership of a number of demographic or practice-based communities through networks, which can help you develop in your professional life.

    A general enquiries line as well as information on our Practice Advice Service and other services

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