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Solicitors for Social Mobility: the Ambassadors

  • Would you like to become a Law Society Social Mobility Ambassador?

    The Law Society is looking for ten more Social Mobility Ambassadors for 2016.

    If you:

    • attended a non-fee paying school
    • were part of the first generation in your immediate family to attend higher education
    • faced and overcame socio-economic barriers in pursuit of your legal education and career
    • are passionate about social mobility and fair access to the profession
    • want to inspire others to follow their career ambitions

    Then please put yourself forward for consideration to become a Social Mobility Ambassador

    Please submit a completed application form to by 6 May 2016. All qualification levels are welcome – from trainees to partners.

    Solicitors for Social Mobility: the Ambassadors was launched in October 2015.

    The campaign aims to highlight how the solicitors' profession is made up of accomplished and talented individuals from all walks of life, and how many will have experienced and overcome socio-economic hurdles in pursuit of their career ambitions and professional success.

    We have selected 10 solicitor ambassadors to share their experience of entering the profession, including the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Reflecting on their career path, each ambassador provides practical tips and advice on pursuing a career in law, providing inspiration and valuable insight for students considering a career in law.

    We also want to create a two-way conversation with the ambassadors. Students aspiring to a career in law can ask the ambassadors questions by emailing

    Through celebrating the success of our solicitor ambassadors, showcasing their achievements and sharing their stories, we hope to demonstrate that, regardless of social background, the profession welcomes talent, tenacity and a strong work ethic. Our ambassadors are inspiring proof of this.

    You can also view full-sized, high-res portraits of the ambassadors and download a PDF booklet which includes the ambassadors' portraits and stories: Solicitors for Social Mobility: The Ambassadors (PDF 6mb).

    Please contact if you would like us to send you some project booklets for your school, university or other organisation. Available while stocks last.