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New deputy high court judges congratulated

News that 21 new deputy high court judges have been appointed by the Judicial Office today prompted the president of the Law Society of England and Wales, Robert Bourns, to congratulate the successful candidates.

“Particularly, congratulations to Rowena Collins-Rice and David Stone - both solicitors who will bring their extensive professional experience and valuable perspective to the bench,” said Robert Bourns.

“It is vital that everyone in the legal sector, whatever their background, circumstances or profession, has a line of sight to judicial career opportunities. With 181,000 enrolled solicitors, our profession has a vital part to play ensuring our world-renowned judiciary is as diverse as the society it serves.

“The skills solicitors develop in practice are more and more relevant to the changing court environment. I am confident that an open process of application will find solicitors appointed judges in greater numbers in the future.

"We are encouraged the government is focused on specific measures to ensure the widest possible talent pool for judicial applications, and will continue to work with the judiciary, the Ministry of Justice and law firms to support solicitors in achieving judicial roles."

See more information on the Law Society's Solicitor Judges Division and the work they do to support solicitors seeking judicial roles.


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