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Duty scheme boundaries - information wanted

21 June 2016

As you know, the Law Society is being consulted on the terms of the Criminal Legal Aid Contract 2017. In our discussions of the draft terms, a question has arisen as to whether there are any anomalies regarding the duty solicitor areas which members might wish to see addressed before or as part of the implementation of any new contract. Specifically, we would be interested to hear from you if schemes within a particular geographical area are obsolete (due to police station or court closures) and/or would benefit from being merged with other local schemes to create schemes that would remain viable in the longer term.

Please note that this question is not directed to addressing the 'neighbouring borough rule' in London, nor is it a pre-cursor to any planned or contemplated review of scheme boundaries. It is a genuinely open question from the Law Society to elicit feedback as to whether there are any areas which could benefit from a review of the make-up of the schemes, to help inform our ongoing discussions with the LAA.

Please use the following email address to inform us of any issues in your area relating to the scheme boundaries. Please respond by 17:00 on Friday 8 July by emailing crime tendering.


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