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Law Society president attacks negative 'campaign' against solicitor advocates

19 August 2016

In one of his first interviews as president of the Law Society, Robert Bourns has criticised the long-term negative 'campaign' against solicitor advocates, that appears intended to raise questions over their ‘adequacy’ and competence.

In an interview with the Advocacy Section, the community for solicitor advocates, Robert Bourns said that 'advocates have taken the brunt of public spending cuts, yet continue to do incredibly important work to a very high standard ... they are not being given enough credit for the excellent work they do.'

With cuts to legal aid and public funding, and a number of other initiatives centred on the vulnerable involved in court proceedings, Robert Bourns said that it was understandable that there is part of the profession that feels strongly that questions are continually being raised over their competence.

He said that the Law Society must support and promote this good work, so that solicitors will still want to become advocates and those that are know without doubt that their work is seen and appreciated by the legal profession.

In the interview, he also discussed the proliferation of litigants in person in the courts system, the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA), and vulnerable witness training for advocates.

Read the full interview in our Advocacy Section

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