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Criminal legal aid campaign: media toolkit for solicitors

31 January 2014

The Law Society press office has put together a short toolkit for solicitors wanting to bolster the campaign to raise awareness of the impact of proposed criminal legal aid cuts and to dispel the myth that all solicitors are high earners.

While the Society continues its campaign through interviews with national and trade media, comment pieces in the Gazette and other publications, and on Twitter, members can play an invaluable part in the media campaign.

They can add a personal element and their own voice, whether through local newspapers and radio (which are more likely to run stories where there is a local element) or letters to the national press.

The toolkit includes:

  • Key messages that solicitors might want to get across when talking to journalists or writing letters or press releases.
  • Template letter / press release that can be adapted to add a personal element - such as a case study.
  • Infographic to compare the cost of UK justice with Europe, in an easy-to-understand format that can be shared with journalists.
  • Letters page contacts for national newspapers.
  • Contact details for the Law Society press office who will be happy to put together a list of local media email addresses or contacts.
  • We have collated research, reports and information to highlight the waste in the system.

To receive the toolkit, please email, including your name and firm.