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Education and training

  • Green pencil

    The Law Society is working to improve the current education and training system for those seeking to enter the profession and those within the profession undertaking CPD and other learning activities.

  • Notice of retention of newly qualified solicitors

    The Law Society of England and Wales is introducing guidance for employers regarding notice periods for the retention of trainee solicitors.

  • Overhaul of SRA handbook

    The Law Society's assessment of changes to the SRA handbook following the consultation 'Looking to the future: flexibility and public protection', which marks a new, less prescriptive approach to regulation.

  • Termination of training

    Having your training contract terminated, whether due to a firm closure, merger or other reason, is a difficult situation to be in and you need to know what to do next.

  • Law Society publishes guidance for work experience providers in legal sector

    The Law Society has published guidance for employers that provide work experience to people interested in a legal career. The guidance, drawn up in collaboration with the Junior Lawyers Division of the Law Society (JLD), advises employers of best practice and of issues they should consider before, during and after a work placement.

  • SRA Training for Tomorrow: Assessing competence - Law Society response

    The Law Society has responded to the Solicitors Regulation Authority's (SRA) consultation on the process for qualification as a solicitor.

  • Continuing Competence Guidance - FAQs

    The Law Society has published FAQs providing useful information to solicitors for moving across and complying with the new Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) scheme for continuing competence.

  • Law Society recommends minimum salary for trainee solicitors

    The Law Society is recommending that, as a matter of good practice, providers of training contracts should pay their trainees a minimum salary of £20,276 in London and £18,183 outside of London.

  • Training for Tomorrow: Assessment Framework for Legal Education and Training

    The SRA are currently looking at how they will assess potential entrants to the profession against the Competence Statement for Solicitors. The Law Society has a number of concerns regarding the SRA’s draft proposals, which could include a removal of approved pathways to entry, including the law degree, LPC and training contract, instead relying solely on a series of centralised assessments to ensure competence.

  • Voluntary code of recruitment

    On 28 July the Law Society announced that is has replaced the SRA as a signatory to the Voluntary Code of Recruitment for Trainee Solicitors. The code was drawn up to assist all parties involved with the recruitment of law degree students and non-law degree students as trainee solicitors. It represents good practice in legal recruitment and supports firms and potential trainees.

  • Training for Tomorrow: a competence statement for solicitors

    A competence statement for solicitors is being developed as part of the SRA’s Training for Tomorrow programme. This will be the key document for determining both entry to the profession and ongoing competence throughout a solicitor’s career. The Statement will be linked to a solicitor’s duty under Principle 5 of the handbook to, 'provide a proper standard of service to your clients'.

  • Legal Education and Training Review (LETR)

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and the Institute of Legal Executives Professional Standards (IPS) have commissioned a review of education and training in the regulated legal sector, which is being carried out by an independent research team. More information can be found on the Legal Education and Training Review website.

  • Focus on ethics

    In making an appeal for a greater focus on ethics in the academic stage of legal education, the Law Society is acting on a recommendation in the report by Professor Kim Economides and Justine Rogers published by the Society in March 2009, entitled Preparatory Ethics Training for Future Solicitors.

    The report advises the Law Society to 'take a lead and encourage the SRA to initiate a review to ... make awareness of and commitment to legal values, and the moral context of the law, mandatory in undergraduate law degrees ...'.

    Preparatory ethics training for future solicitors (PDF 444kb)

    Preparatory ethics training for future solicitors: research into the teaching of ethics as part of the preparation for a career in the law.