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Solicitor brand campaign - join us to promote the profession

  • We know members want us to support the reputation of the solicitor profession and promote and protect the use of solicitors above other sources of legal advice. On 3 October 2016 we launched a joint campaign with members to help achieve this.

    Get involved

    Registering with My Law Society will help you get involved and add your voice to the campaign. You will also be able to download campaign materials for use in your offices and on your social media platforms.

    Campaign materials

    We are producing materials aimed at consumers, small and large business clients and to help in-house teams promote their work to colleagues.

    Our materials include infographics, animations, videos and advertising (online, ITV hub, magazine and newspapers, as well as outdoor advertising and posters on bus and rail stations).

    The faces of our members feature on our posters and we are producing videos showing members talking about how they embody the brand values and explaining their areas of practice.

    The campaign promotes six key brand values which our research told us the public, members and business all want from a solicitor. These are that solicitors are

    • experts in their field,
    • honest and honourable,
    • client focused,
    • approachable and accessible,
    • give value for money
    • adding value to society.

    Register with My Law Society to find out more. We will also publish updates in the Gazette and in Professional Update.