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Current bills

  • We produce parliamentary briefings, written evidence and oral evidence to raise awareness of issues affecting the legal profession and to campaign for changes to the law.

  • Bills we're working on

    • Modern Slavery Bill

      The bill is a piece of legislation aimed at tackling slavery, human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude.

    • Consumer Rights Bill

      The Law Society welcomes the government's plans to reform the UK's consumer law and enforcement framework.

    • Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

      The bill aims 'to make provision about how offenders are dealt with before and after conviction; to amend the offence of possession of extreme pornographic images; to make provision about the proceedings and powers of courts and tribunals; to make provision about judicial review; and for connected purposes.'

    • Intellectual Property Bill

      This bill proposes changes aimed at helping businesses to better understand what is protected under the law and provide greater certainty for investors in new designs and technologies.

    • Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill

      The Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill sets out the legal framework for separating high street banks from investment banks.

    • Finance (No.2) Bill 2013-14

      The annual Finance Bill implements the changes to taxes and duties announced by the chancellor in the budget.