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Welsh legal landscape

Find information on our key external stakeholders below.

Welsh government: Welsh legal sector

Wales offers firms sustainable growth via its wealth of talent and expertise with 135,000 individuals employed in financial and professional services as well as five law schools and eight business schools.

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National Assembly for Wales

The National Assembly for Wales is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people, makes laws for Wales, and holds the Welsh government to account.

Wales Office

The Wales Office ensures the smooth working of the devolution settlement in Wales, representing the UK government in Wales. It also represents Welsh interests in Westminster.

Welsh Affairs Committee

The Welsh Affairs Committee is one of the departmental Select Committees of the House of Commons. Its terms of reference are to examine matters within the responsibility of the Secretary of State for Wales (including relations with the National Assembly for Wales).

Commission on Devolution in Wales

The Commission on Devolution in Wales was established by the UK government to review the present financial and constitutional arrangements in Wales. It was chaired by Sir Paul Silk and carried out its work in two parts. Recommendations from the first report (PDF) on fiscal matters are included in the Wales Bill. The second report (PDF) on legislative powers was published in March 2014. The main recommendation is a move to a 'reserved powers' model for Wales, which is the current model for Scotland and Northern Ireland. The second report includes recommendations on changes to policing and justice arrangements.

Legal Wales

The Legal Wales Foundation discusses developments which affect the law and the administration of justice in Wales, comment on such developments, supports the interests of the legal community in Wales, encourages interest in Welsh law and organises the annual Legal Wales Conference.

LawWorks Cymru

LawWorks Cymru is a new project which will enable voluntary organisations and individuals in need in Wales to benefit from free legal advice. LawWorks Cymru is based in Cardiff and will help to co-ordinate pro bono provision throughout Wales.

Reaching Justice Wales

Reaching Justice Wales aims to contribute to the availability of legal advice across Wales. The charity supports voluntary sector agencies which provide free legal advice where there is need, supplementing but not replacing legal aid.

Institute of Welsh Affairs

The Institute of Welsh Affairs is an independent, membership-based think tank, dedicated to promoting the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.