• Consumer issues, debt and insolvency

    This section covers regulatory, transactional or litigious matters including advising on the Consumer Credit Directive, credit cards and loans, point of sale finance and personal insolvency.

  • Law Society: Court closures will inhibit access to justice

    Our consultation response reflects solicitors' views on the likely adverse impact of the proposed closures.

    8 October 2015
    Press release

    Law Society launches Use a Professional. Use a Solicitor campaign

    The Law Society has launched its consumer campaign, reminding the public to use a solicitor for legal advice instead of unregulated providers.

    1 September 2014
    Press release

    Wonga's use of fake legal letters highlights need for consumers to verify law firms

    Evidence that pay day lender Wonga sent bullying letters from fake law firms to threaten customers has emphasised the need for the public to check credentials when approached by what appear to be professionals.

    27 June 2014
    Press release
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