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    News and advice for solicitor advocates from the Law Society on civil, family and criminal advocacy issues.

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    Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme - we'd like your views

    We are looking for members' views on what features of accreditation are most important and useful.

    19 April 2016

    Virtual court first hearings

    This practice note is for criminal solicitors taking instructions and advising at police stations and at Magistrates' Courts where the virtual first hearing system is in use.

    5 April 2016
    Practice note

    Criminal Procedure Rules 2015: solicitors’ duties

    This practice note sets out the duties and burdens affecting criminal solicitors arising from the Criminal Procedure Rules 2013 (CPR).

    29 February 2016
    Practice note


    This practice note explains how client confidentiality is affected by the failure to disclose offence provisions in the Terrorism Act 2000.

    13 January 2016
    Practice note

    Conflicts of interests in criminal cases

    This practice note concerns the particular way in which criminal defence solicitors need to consider the avoidance of conflicts of interest when considering whether it is appropriate to act for more than one suspect or defendant.

    13 January 2016
    Practice note

    Criminal plea in absence of sufficient prosecution case information

    This practice note provides information on advising a client on plea in the absence of full disclosure.

    21 December 2015
    Practice note

    Defence witness notices

    This practice note sets out the new obligations and the ethical considerations solicitors should consider when conducting a case involving defence witnesses.

    21 December 2015
    Practice note

    Police interviews involving sign language interpreters

    PACE requires that police interviews with suspects are recorded. You must ensure that interviews with clients who require a sign language interpreter are video recorded. This practice provides advice on how to meet the requirement.

    21 December 2015
    Practice note

    Defence costs orders

    Solicitors need to inform clients in criminal cases about the changes to the Defendants' Costs Orders regime.

    21 December 2015
    Practice note

    Communication with prisoners by mobile phone

    This practice note is intended to help you avoid the risk of inadvertently committing or procuring the commission of a criminal offence.

    21 December 2015
    Practice note
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