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Civil and Commercial Mediation

  • Get recognition for your excellence

    What is the Civil and Commercial Mediation Accreditation Scheme?

    The Civil and Commercial Mediation Accreditation Scheme covers mediations arising from all types of civil and commercial disputes. While scheme members may have expertise in certain kinds of civil and commercial disputes, it is expected that they are able to demonstrate awareness and knowledge of general dispute resolution and mediation skills and issues.

    The aim of the scheme is to provide quality service in the delivery of civil and commercial mediation for the benefit of the public and the profession, ensuring that the public and the profession are easily able to identify solicitors and Fellows of the Institute of Executives (FILEX) who are accredited by the Law Society.

    Further details can be found in our Civil and Commercial Mediation Accreditation Scheme Guidance (PDF 151kb).

    Code of practice

    All members also agree to follow the Law Society Code of Practice for Civil and Commercial Mediation (PDF 120kb).

    Who's a member?

    You can view all current members of our civil and commercial mediation accreditation scheme members (PDF 78kb), which is updated each month. Members of the public can also search accredited members in their area by postcode through our Find a Solicitor website.

    Please note - this accreditation is currently closed to applicants.

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  • Further help or support

    If you need any further guidance or support, please contact the Accreditation Unit on:

    Telephone: 0207 320 5797 (lines are open 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday)
    Email: accreditation@