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Legal aid consultants

In their dealings with the LSC, many firms find it helpful to have a consultant assist them in submitting tenders, preparing points of principle, making representations about audits and challenging contract decisions.

To assist our members, the Society has identified a number of consultants who have experience of assisting firms with such matters, and has negotiated savings for members against their already competitive rates.

Special offer for members

To offer support to those firms considering bidding or sub-contracting in the areas announced, the Law Society is pleased to provide a directory of consultants with a special offer available to members only:

  • a free initial half-hour telephone consultation
  • 10 per cent discount on services

Some firms may need assistance following the closing of the tender on 22 October 2012 or once the results are announced in January 2013. If so, these consultants may be able to assist you in making such representations and appeals that may be available to you.

Simon Pottinger (Middlesbrough)

Vicky Ling (Bromley)

Rona Parsons (Brighton)

Matthew Howgate, Stuart Lee, Jane Rivers, Melanie O’Brien, Carl Buckley, Stuart Lee,  Sarah Charlton, Inzar Haq, Pam Kenworthy, Gilles Ward, Avtar Bhatoa, Laura Jennings, Bushra Ali, John Scruton, Debbie Starrs, Stephen Halloran, Jon Comyn-Platt, Will Flack and David Gilmore (Leicester)


Wayne Williams


Mental Health Accreditation
Mental health – recognition for excellence

This accreditation scheme covers the representation of patients in all proceedings before the first-tier tribunal.

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