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Family court resources

  • Dedicated tools and resources for solicitors working in family courts.

  • Document templates

    • Care proceeding document templates

      Tools to help you to draft threshold statements, local authority case summaries and schedules of proposed findings in care proceedings following the revised public law outline, which is now being implemented on a pilot basis.

    • Templates for instructing experts

      A suite of templates for practitioners to use when instructing experts in family proceedings. They have been developed to take account of new rules for the use of experts in family proceedings came into force on 31 January 2013, incorporating new Practice Direction 25.

  • New family court documents

    The April 2014 changes in family law are the most significant for a generation. As part of those changes, the president of the Family Division has issued a comprehensive set of court documents.

    • Family court guidance on public law

      Including a revised application form C110A, a guide to case management, a public law order flowchart and guidance from the president on various aspects of public law in the family court.

    • Court bundles in the family court

      The new practice direction 27A aims to achieve consistency across the country in the family court and the Family Division of the High Court in the preparation of court bundles and in respect of other related matters.

    • Practice direction 3A: mediation information and assessment meetings (PDF 46kb)

      The new practice direction 3A on mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMs) supplements the MIAM rules in the Family Procedure Rules and sets out good practice to be followed by prospective respondents who are expected to attend a MIAM.

    • Private law prescribed orders

      The president of the Family Court issued these private law prescribed orders on 23 May 2014.

    • Public law order templates

      The president of the Family Court issued the final public law prescribed orders on 23 May 2014: the case management order and the standard directions order.

  • Family Procedure Rules

    • Family Procedure Rules (PDF 1.7MB)

      The Family Procedure Rules have been updated with effect from 22 April 2014 to incorporate changes arising from the creation of the single family court and the implementation of many of the family justice provisions in the Children and Families Act 2014.

      A new, consolidated version of the Rules has been produced which incorporates these changes. It also includes amendments arising from the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

  • More resources