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Membership Extra

  • As a member of the Law Society, you have access to an exclusive range of products and services to make your professional and personal life easier.

    Our partners are split into two categories: those that offer products and services that benefit your business and those that offer products and services that benefit you.

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    Please get in touch if you want to find out more about our endorsed partners or how to promote your products to members via our Membership Extra partnership programme.

    The Law Society's partnership team endeavours to support our members by endorsing suppliers of products and services that are designed to make members professional and personal lives easier.

    When endorsing a supplier, the partnership team carries out robust procurement and due diligence processes so that the Society can be confident in recommending each supplier to its members.

    While care is taken when selecting suppliers for endorsement, the Law Society will not accept any legal liability in respect of any endorsed supplier, or in respect of their products and services.