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Cybersecurity and scam prevention

  • The legal sector is at significant risk of cybercrime, cyber attacks and scams, partly because of the sensitive data and significant monies held by law firms.

    62 per cent of law firms reported a cyber attack in 2015, a 17 per cent increase on the previous year. Four per cent of all data security incidents reported in 2015/16 related to solicitors and barristers.

    We've compiled this information resource to help you:

    • Understand cybersecurity: its threats and risks to the legal sector
    • Educate your staff through cybersecurity training, events and publications
    • Access guidance and advice to take a proactive approach to reduce cyber threats
    • Connect with endorsed suppliers who provide products and services to help mitigate cybersecurity threats.
  • Latest cybersecurity news and features

  • Protecting your firm if you fall victim to a scam

    This practice note outlines the regulatory and legal requirements that apply when a firm's client account has fallen victim to scammers.

    20 December 2016
    Practice note

    Client care information

    This practice note provides examples of how you can communicate all of the information required to your clients in a clear and effective manner.

    5 September 2016
    Practice note

    Professional indemnity insurance

    This practice note has advice on the PII requirements in the current market, how you should apply and how much cover is required.

    18 July 2016
    Practice note

    Semi-automated online services

    This practice note looks at the risks for firms and their duties to clients that arise from delivering legal services electronically and online.

    8 June 2016
    Practice note

    Entity-based regulation

    This practice note provides an overview of entity-based regulation for solicitors.

    18 August 2015
    Practice note

    Cloud computing

    Legal practices are increasingly using cloud computing as an alternative to 'traditional' IT provision. Cloud computing has a number of advantages, but it also carries risks which your firm should navigate carefully.

    7 April 2014
    Practice note

    Information security

    This practice note provides advice on managing information security by highlighting legislative requirements and areas of professional conduct relevant to the protection of personal and business data.

    11 October 2011
    Practice note

    Property and registration fraud

    This practice note aims to assist you when acting in property transactions. It may also help you make your clients more aware of how they may protect their property interests against fraud and their rights as legitimate property owners on the register.

    11 October 2010
    Practice note
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