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General guidance on GDPR

Foundational texts and background

On 13 September the government introduced a Data Protection Bill to update data protection laws in the light of GDPR. It implements various derogations available to member states under the GDPR. 

More information is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office website  

Essential guidance material

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the UK regulatory body responsible for data protection compliance.

An important element of the ICO’s advice on preparing for the GDPR is that compliance with the current Data Protection Act is a good starting point. Most law firms therefore have a solid basis from which to tackle the new regulation but additional preparation will be needed. We would strongly recommend that you follow the ICO’s guidance. If for any reason you are not yet familiar with the GDPR or your preparations are still at an early stage, a good place to start is with the ICO’s updated 12 steps to take now.

The ICO’s information on data protection reform will be updated regularly so we advise revisiting the website as well as subscribing to the ICO's e-newsletter.


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