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Local Law Societies Handbook is well under way

Posted: 12 April 2018

You will recall that one of Joe Egan’s presidential pledges when he came into office in July 2017 was to put together a handbook for Local Law Societies to help support the invaluable work they do with the profession.

Planning and writing the handbook is well under way and it is on schedule for launch at this year’s Presidents and Secretaries Conference on 11-12 May.

The handbook is intended as a working resource, to help Local Law Societies manage and run their affairs more efficiently, to get their governance right, to give societies the tools with which to lobby and campaign on behalf of the profession, and to improve their communications with their members.

With over 120 Local Law Societies across the country, of all different sizes and structures, the handbook also aims to share best practice through a series of case studies.

The resource will be available on the Law Society website following the conference.


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