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Council constituencies

Council has 100 seats, with 61 members representing 42 geographical constituencies and up to 39 members representing special interest groups and areas of practice.

Law Society members are encouraged to contact their Council members with any issues they would like raised at Council meetings.

You will find a list of Council members on this page. Download details of how to email them (PDF 70kb).

At present, the term of office of Council members is four years (except for the LPC/trainee seat, which is two years), but the Law Society is undertaking a review of its governance arrangements.

Download the 2018 Council election results (PDF 20kb)

Geographical seats

Council members in geographical seats:

Special interest seats

A number of our special interest seats, often referred to as the non-geographical seats, represent particular organisations of solicitors. If the executive of the organisation chooses, these seats may be filled by nomination of the executive rather than by election.

Examples of such groups include the Women Lawyers Division, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, and the Employment Lawyers' Association. Other special interest seats are filled by election in the same way as the geographic seats.

Council members in non-geographical seats:

*Peter Causton has been confirmed in the Civil Litigation seat following the dismissal of an election challenge.

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