Law Society joins Hague Conference on Private International Law

In spring 2022, the Law Society of England and Wales became an observer member of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).

This means that we can join in the HCCH discussions on new initiatives it's working on – whether it's developing new forms of cooperation on family or commercial law.

What this means for our members

Being an observer member of the HCCH offers visibility at the international stage, with:

  • advance knowledge of meetings and agendas
  • participation in meetings, with the possibility of intervening and making contributions

The Law Society and members will gain:  

  • privileged access to meetings with other members of the HCCH 
  • opportunities for contributing and networking
  • higher chances to be asked to provide experts for expert groups and working groups

Role of the HCCH

The HCCH devises practical rules for international, civil and commercial matters, across its three main fields of work:

  • international family and child protection law
  • civil procedure and litigation
  • commercial and financial law

To find out more about the cross-border work of the HCCH, watch a three-minute video or visit its website.

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