LawTech Delivery Panel

About the panel

LawTech Delivery Panel logoThe LawTech Delivery Panel, a team of industry experts and leading figures from government and the judiciary, has been formed to help the UK legal sector grow and fulfil its potential.

By identifying both barriers to and catalysts for growth, the panel will provide direction to the legal sector and help foster an environment in which new technology can thrive.

The UK is the second largest legal services market in the world, and a leading global legal centre. Over 200 international firms, from over 40 jurisdictions, have chosen to base themselves here. English and Welsh law is the most commonly used law in international business and dispute resolution.

The legal services sector’s contribution to the UK economy is strong; in 2017 it was worth over £26bn (equivalent to 1.5% of UK GDP) and employed over 380,000 people.

New and emerging technologies are changing the way the legal profession thinks about delivering its work. The benefits spread beyond the legal sector to every corner of our economy where law provides the enabling framework.

Legal technology promises to be a key component in the success of our jurisdiction and our economy in the years to come. We are home to some of the best law firms in the world, globally renowned courts and a wealth of legal talent, and an ecosystem of liberal regulation and deep expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI). These ingredients, combined effectively, can enable this sector to grow, be vibrant, and lead globally.

The panel will work with industry, government, experts and the legal community, addressing challenges related to regulation, investment and funding, education and skills, legal framework, commercial disputes resolution and ethics.

The initial focus will be on reducing regulatory obstacles and barriers to entry, ensuring we have the right regulatory regime to support innovation, and encouraging greater investment.

Announced by the Lord Chancellor in summer 2018, the panel is industry led and supported by government. The members of the panel bring their diverse experience and distinguished expertise to tackling these issues. Papers of the panel will be available to download below.

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Panel membership

The core membership of the panel is:

UK Jurisdiction Taskforce (UKJT)

The UKJT, one of the six taskforces of the LawTech Delivery Panel, is conducting a consultation on the principal issues of legal uncertainty regarding the status of cryptoassets, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and smart contracts under English law.

View the consultation. 

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