Legal oversight regulator looks to diversity, inclusion and transparency

Solicitors’ leaders today welcomed the Legal Services Board’s (LSB) 2021-2022 strategy and business plan, which will focus on diversity, inclusion and transparency in the profession. 

I. Stephanie Boyce, president of the Law Society of England and Wales, said: “We are pleased to see the LSB’s three strategic themes: fairer outcomes, stronger confidence and better services, align with the Law Society’s priorities. 

“The success of the strategy will depend on the collective efforts and actions of many stakeholders, and the Law Society is keen to play its part, ensuring the wheels of justice are turning and legal services meet people’s needs. It will be key for each actor to be clear about their respective roles in delivery of the strategy to avoid duplication, inefficiencies and confusion.

“We are particularly keen to work closely with the LSB and others to progress diversity and inclusion in the profession and to enhance access to justice through the use of technology and innovation in the legal sector. 

“One of my focuses as president is to increase diversity, inclusion and social mobility and I look forward to collaborating with the LSB on this issue. 

“The Law Society advised the LSB that its strategy should include built in outcome measures to deliver greater transparency and accountability for its work. We are pleased to see the LSB plans to strengthen its approaches to demonstrating progress, impact and value for money. 

“However, given the sector is facing many challenges – the ongoing effect of the COVID-19 crisis, backlogs and delays in the justice system plus the new trade agreement with the European Union – we would have liked to see a stronger focus on the promotion of a strong, resilient, internationally respected and independent profession. 

“This is an area where the LSB’s own role is key to delivery of the strategy and we will be closely watching how the LSB fulfils its core statutory role as an oversight regulator.”

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