Solicitors welcome 11th hour change of heart on plan to break international law

News the UK government is set to ditch clauses in the Internal Market Bill that would have put the UK in breach of international law was today welcomed by the Law Society of England and Wales which has been urging such a move.

“The rule of law underpins our country and our democracy,” said Law Society president David Greene.

“It ensures that individuals, companies and government remain accountable to each other, and that fundamental rights are protected and enforced.

“This an era of unprecedented challenge for our nation as we prepare to end the Brexit transition. It is a time for building new relationships – not for letting the impression go forth that we are not as good as our word.

“Proposing to breach an agreement just entered into, breaking international law, even if in a 'specific and limited way' was shocking so we welcome this eleventh hour change of heart.

“Had this step not been taken the reputation of the jurisdiction would have suffered greatly. Going on from this I hope we will still be respected as a country which prides itself on upholding the rule of law.”

Notes to editors

The government has confirmed the UK will withdraw clauses 44, 45 and 47 of the UK Internal Market Bill, and not introduce any similar provisions in the Taxation Bill.

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