AML directory

Solicitors seeking legal advice on issues of anti-money laundering (AML) compliance should seek this from other solicitors specialising in this area. The Law Society does not give legal advice.

Listed below are firms who have declared a specialism in AML and are willing to be contacted by other solicitors seeking legal advice.

Before contacting firms on this list, solicitors must read the terms and conditions of use (PDF 164 KB).

BSB Solicitors

Tel: 020 7837 3456
Contact: Paul Butcher, Roger Jairaj Sahota

Corker Binning

Tel: 020 7353 6000
Contacts: Peter Binning

David Phillips & Partners

Tel: 0151 922 5525
Contact: Stuart Nolan

Hickman & Rose

Tel: 0207 700 2211
Contact: Andrew Katzen, Ben Rose, Ross Dixon

Howard Kennedy LLP

Tel: 0203 755 5691
Contact: Ian Ryan

Jonas Roy Bloom

Tel: 0121 212 4111
Contact: Ben Henry


Tel: 020 7842 1616
Contact: Michael John Potts

Weightmans LLP

Tel: 020 7822 1928
Contact: Euros Jones

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