Client care

Providing services to D/deaf and hard of hearing people

What is the issue?

  • D/deaf and hard of hearing people can have specific requirements when they use legal services that depend on their personal circumstances, and on the style of communication they prefer. They may also describe their ability to hear and identify themselves differently.
  • Important distinctions between 'Deaf', 'deaf' and 'hard of hearing' are set out in the terminology section.
  • In 2011 the SRA commissioned a research project to interview D/deaf and hard of hearing people across England and Wales, and to ask first-hand what they wanted from their solicitor or their law firm to help them get the best from legal services.
  • Download the SRA's study into the experiences of D/deaf and hard of hearing people (PDF) in accessing solicitors.
  • This practice note specifically focuses on different ways that you can work with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and offers some practical advice in this area.

This practice note is the Law Society’s view of good practice in this area, and is not legal advice. For more information see the legal status.