Message from the Bar Council and Law Society on the recent ransomware attacks on chambers

Following the recent ransomware attacks on chambers, we're in frequent communication with the Bar Council about how to support our respective members.

We're looking to help our members meet their obligations with regards to client confidentiality and under data protection law, whilst employing the necessary safeguards to keep clients’ data secure.

Combatting cyberattacks requires specialised safeguards and both the Bar Council and Law Society are keen to offer guidance and assistance to the legal profession wherever possible.


The Law Society

We have a dedicated resource of current advice and information for members.

Take a look at our cybersecurity resources

The Bar Council

The Bar Council recently put out a notice on cybersecurity.

Read the Bar Council’s cyber-attack warning for chambers

Additionally, the ethical guidance documents provided by the Bar Council’s IT Panel offer help on various data protection and privacy issues.

What we’re doing

We will continue to collaborate in the interests of providing support and assistance for our members.

We're currently examining what further steps might be taken to support our members' cyber-readiness when sharing data, and have convened an advisory group to consider these.

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