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Five ways to celebrate Windrush Day 2021

On the 73rd anniversary of the Empire Windrush arriving in Britain, here are five ways to celebrate and support the Windrush generation

 An older Black Caribbean woman wearing glasses. She is smiling and wearing a floral shirt.
Photograph: Jodi Jacobson

Windrush Day was introduced in June 2018 on the 70th anniversary of the Windrush migration.

After World War II, the United Kingdom's economy needed to be repaired. In doing so, the British government recruited Afro-Caribbean migrants and offered them jobs. These jobs included jobs in the service sector, such as running public transport and staffing the new National Health Service in the United Kingdom. 

73 years on, we still celebrate the Windrush generation and work with our members to support all those affected by the Windrush scandal 

Below are five ways you can celebrate Windrush this year:

1. Use your voice

Raising awareness on Windrush through social media using the #windrush hashtag, helps to keep the history of Windrush day alive.

2. Support local causes

Across the country, there will be a number of events taking place to celebrate Windrush day. This include digital archives, food celebrations and more.

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3. Educate yourself on some of the Windrush champions

You can download the free ebook that features profiles on 70 Windrush pioneers.

4. Support the people impacted by Windrush scandal

The Windrush scandal was a 2018 British political scandal that saw mainly British Caribbean people wrongly detained, denied legal rights and threatened with deportation.

Ways to support those affected by the scandal include:

5. Raise awareness across all generations.

Raising awareness and how you can do this varies. It's equally important to raise awareness in schools so that the history of Windrush is taught at as a part of British history as well as raise awareness to the Windrush generation on their individual rights.

Ways to do this include promoting: