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Celebration of the Chinese New Year by the UK Society of Chinese Lawyers

The UK Society of Chinese Lawyers is hosting an online celebration of the Chinese New Year on Thursday 18 February.

Red lanterns hanging in Soho for Chinese New Year

What is Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese Lunar calendar.

In Chinese culture and East Asian countries, the festival is commonly referred to as the Spring Festival.

The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February.

In 2021, the first day of the Chinese New Year will be on Friday 12 February, which is the Year of the Ox.

The UK Society of Chinese Lawyers

The UK Society of Chinese Lawyers (UKSCL) was founded in 2002 by Dr Xiaojiu Zhu, who is the current chairwoman.

It has a membership of over 200 English qualified solicitors, law academies and law students from Chinese ethnic background.

Its core objective is to develop and strengthen legal, business and cultural links between the Far East and the UK.

Ruihua Wang, UKSCL’s vice chairwoman, sits on the Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division of the Law Society.

Virtual celebration of the Chinese New Year

In the past, UKSCL hosted Chinese New Year receptions at the Law Society, which were attended by over a hundred guests.

It had prominent speakers such as the president/vice president of the Law Society, Members of the Parliament and House of Lords and senior officials from the Chinese Embassy to the United Kingdom.

Other important guests included committee members of the Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division and representatives of the Society of Asian Lawyers and the Arab Lawyers Association.

The receptions play an important role in engaging legal professionals and other organisations who support or are supported by UKSCL.

Together with the celebration of Diwali, Eid al-Fitr, Black History Month and other religious/ethnic festivals, which the Law Society hosts and sponsors, the Chinese New Year reception contributes to our diversity calendar and helps promote Chinese culture and recognise the positive impact of Chinese lawyers in the legal community.

Due to the pandemic, UKSCL will host a virtual celebration of the Chinese New Year on 18 February 2021.

Although we will miss the in-person gathering which symbolises the festivity of the Chinese New Year, virtual celebrations also has its advantages:

  • saving travel time
  • enabling attendees outside London to enjoy the event more
  • the ability to include pre-recorded good quality entertainment content

Join the celebration

Join us to celebrate the Chinese New Year with representatives of the Chinese Embassy, the Law Society, other distinguished guests and members of the UKSCL for an evening of reflection and forward looking to the future.

Date: Thursday 18 February

Time: 6pm GMT

Cost: Free

Access the event details online or scan the QR code to join the event:

QR code for entry to the UK Society of Chinese Lawyers' Chinese New Year celebration

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