Bringing your whole self to work: Through the lens of a BAME woman lawyer

Fitting into a new work environment and workplace culture can be challenging. That challenge is magnified if you are from a 'different' ethnic background.

Ruihua Wang and Marcia Longdon explore why BAME women have different experiences to their white women peers. 

They also look at what it means to be authentic, and what firms can do to create an environment conducive to authenticity.


Ruihua Wang, in-house counsel at TradeWeb

Ruihua WangRuihua was a Chinese lawyer before coming to the UK and requalifying as an English solicitor. 

She was introduced to English law during her participation in the lord chancellor's Training Scheme for Young Chinese Lawyers (LCTS), which was sponsored by the Ministry of Justice.

Marcia Longdon, partner at Kingsley Napley LLP

Marcia is a solicitor and partner at Kingsley Napley. She is interested in immigration, nationality and European law. 

Marcia LongdonShe has a collaborative approach with the Home Office and is often asked to participate in roundtable discussions on immigration policy. 

She also provides technical and compliance training on corporate immigration for HR professionals in various industries.

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