Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2021

Joined by an exceptional range of speakers, across six events, we share the recordings of our second diversity and inclusion conference in partnership with Leeds Law Society.

The conference was a culmination of experiences, practical advice and valuable insights.

Each of the six events of this conference explores the importance, and value, of diversity and inclusion strands both intersectionally and independently.

Our profession can only benefit from the inclusion of talented practitioners from all backgrounds and walks of life. With your help, we can ensure that the legal profession flourishes through embracing talent, setting aside any pre-conceptions that may be held.

The experiences shared throughout the conference are not unique to the legal profession.

However, it’s heartening, yet necessary, that the sector continues to take a lead in engaging with and tackling these issues.

As part of the conference, we also recorded three podcasts on age, religion and faith, and intersectionality.

We were joined by speakers for a series of insightful conversations on these three areas of diversity and inclusion, talking through:

  • current challenges
  • guidance to organisations and the profession on how to better support individuals
  • advice on fostering more inclusive working environments

Listen to the podcasts


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