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Get involved in Race Equality Week

Race Equality Week runs from 1 to 7 February in the UK.

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Race Equality Week is a UK-wide initiative to unite organisations and individuals in taking tangible action to help address issues affecting ethnic minority employees.

This is the inaugural year of the initiative and we’re pleased to see that many organisations will be getting involved.

In the legal profession, we’ve seen a great shift in the last year with more firms and organisations committing to promoting racial inclusion following the tragic events of 2020 and the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM).

As encouraging as it is that more and more of our members are engaging with BLM, we know that in order for real change to be made, there needs to be action.

That’s why we're pleased to see initiatives such as Race Equality Week that challenge organisations across the country to not just say it but do it.

2021 theme

The theme for this year is “Transparency and Accountability”.

The topic of transparency and accountability came out strongly in our 2020 research: Race For Inclusion: the experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic solicitors.

Organisations must be more accountable to their employees and transparent about the challenges they face when it comes to race equality.

In our research, president of the Law Society David Greene said:

‘’We need to look more closely at how work and development opportunities are allocated, and we need better data, transparency and accountability at senior levels for progress on race equity and inclusion.’’

How to get involved

The Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division (EMLD) is calling on the profession to actively engage in activities to support Race Equality Week.

The initiative suggests those who register do the following:

Create a safe space – to allow courageous conversations and ‘get’ uncomfortable

This could be through hosting a watch party or a listening party discussing a movie, film or book that discusses ‘uncomfortable’ issues surrounding race.

The big promise – making a commitment that is more than just words

This could be through registering to initiatives such as #10000 Black Interns, an initiative that helps transform the horizons of young Black people and is achieved by offering paid work experience as well as world-class training and development.

The EMLD is proud to confirm that the Law Society has committed to this initiative and intends to host an intern in the summer of 2022.

In addition to this, our Race For Inclusion research highlights a number of recommendations promoting racial equality.

See our list of recommendations

Virtual pin campaign

Visible support for race equality can also be achieved by displaying the Race For Equality badge on your social media profiles and marketing materials.


The EMLD believes race equality should be a continuous goal and using weeks such as this to start the conversation is a positive step towards true racial inclusion in the workplace.

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