Modern approaches to alcohol at work

This is the second in a series of ‘Challenging Approaches to Alcohol in the Workplace’ podcasts by Laura Uberoi to change attitudes and approaches to alcohol consumption in the legal profession.

Laura speaks with Zoe Swan and Rui Liu about how alcohol impacts mental and physical health and the alternative events that are emerging.

The panel discuss how to improve your wellbeing and examples of how to combine networking and socialising with self-care.

Laura Uberoi, Zoe Swan and Rui Liu

Left to right:  Laura Uberoi, Zoe Swan and Rui Liu


  • Zoe Swan, senior law lecturer, Brighton University

Zoe trained as a barrister and is a senior law lecturer at Brighton University. She is a trained mediator and health and wellness coach and runs wellbeing workshops across the country.

  • Rui Liu, founder, Grass People Tree

Rui spent 15 years working in fashion before founding Grass People Tree, a company sourcing wholly natural teas that runs tea ceremonies and celebrations for social and corporate events across the country.

  • Laura Uberoi, Law Society Council member

Laura is a real estate finance solicitor at Macfarlanes and president of the Westminster and Holborn Law Society.

Listen to the podcast:

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