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Junior Lawyers Division local group handbook

If you're thinking of setting up your own local Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) group in your area, this guide will give you some ideas for taking it forward.

There are approximately 50 local groups across England and Wales. Local groups provide members with the opportunity to get together and share common ideas, concerns and experiences. There may already be a JLD, a Young Solicitors Group (YSG) or a Trainee Solicitors Group (TSG) in your area. 

If not, why not think about starting up a local JLD group? See the list of local groups

Whether they are city-based or covering a wide rural area, all local groups (including those which are not specifically JLD branded such as TSGs, YSGs and young lawyer groups) have access to national JLD support and services. Everyone qualifying as a member of the JLD is encouraged to become involved with their local group.

The character of each local group depends very much on its members, but most revolve around regular social, educational and sporting events as the main way of bringing all their members together on a regular basis. They may charge an individual membership fee in order to fund their activities (which in some areas is paid for by members' firms).

Local groups are often the principal way for LPC students, paralegals seeking training contracts, trainees and solicitors in the first five years of practice to keep in touch with their peers outside their own firm.

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