Fighting for equality under the law: celebrating Pride 2023

LGBTQ+ solicitors and legal professionals joined together throughout June to celebrate Pride 2023. We spoke to members who attended the London Pride march about what Pride means to them.

Why is Pride important?

Our president, Lubna Shuja said:

“We have got so many solicitors and lawyers who are from an LGBTQ+ background and they are doing tremendous work to make sure that we are upholding the rule of law and supporting those vulnerable clients that really need our help. So, it’s really important that we are supporting those lawyers as well’. 

Helen Randall from our LGBTQ+ solicitors network committee said:

“It’s super important that people come down to Pride and demonstrate solidarity.

"We've got massive transphobia in the media at the moment, so now is the time to show how important diversity and inclusion is for the legal profession and the Law Society.

“We’re right at the cutting edge of fighting for justice, fighting for rights.

“Don’t be complacent, they might be taken away tomorrow. Be proud of your profession, show that you can be a role model”.

Committee member Laura Thomas said:

“Pride is so important to show visibility for the community. The community is definitely not having the best time, so it’s just great to have so many people in one place showing how much positive energy there is and that we are being the best community that we can be and harness all our energy together”.

Photograph: Jonathan Goldberg

What is your favourite thing about Pride?

Helen said:

“You really see the strength, the variety, the sheer richness and diversity of our LGBTQIA+ communities coming together, celebrating, being strong, being authentic, and showing our true selves”.

Committee member, Tom Ketteley said:

“Pride is the biggest celebration each year and it's amazing. It’s really important to come here and show that we are an inclusive and open profession”.

Photograph: Jonathan Goldberg

What does Pride mean to you?

Other members attending said:

“Pride means to me, diversity, inclusion, no judgement and love”.

“A joyful celebration of everyone coming together and having an amazing time”.

Photograph: Jonathan Goldberg

As Pride 2023 comes to an end, we continue to celebrate LGBTQ+ members and the community. We honour the contribution LGBTQ+ solicitors make to the profession, and the progress they’ve made. We also acknowledge the work we still need to do towards diversity and inclusion.

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