Disability inclusion in the legal profession roundtable

In 2020, our Lawyers with Disabilities Division held virtual roundtables in partnership with the Legally Disabled? research team, to share the findings of the first groundbreaking research into the career experiences of disabled members of the legal profession across England and Wales.

In this recording, we:

  • discuss the points raised, questions asked and suggestions shared during those roundtables
  • explore how we can use lessons learned to create more disability-inclusive working environments and practices

Our speakers discuss and share their experiences of the benefits of Access to Work – a government scheme offering disabled people specialised equipment, transport and more to support them at work. Infrequently spoken about in depth, this part of the conversation is particularly insightful.

Read more about the research from Legally Disabled?, or take a look at the executive summary or full report.

These discussions informed our resource of easy wins and action points for disability inclusion.

We've created two bespoke pieces of guidance for large and small organisations in the legal sector, offering considerations and recommendations to improve accessibility, inclusion, diversity and equality for disabled people.

Read easy wins and action points for disability inclusion

You can use the whole or parts of this recording to start discussions in your organisation.

Alternatively, our Lawyers with Disabilities Division can lead a roundtable for you.

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  • Professor Debbie Foster, professor of employment relations and diversity at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University; lead researcher on the Legally Disabled? research team
  • Doctor Natasha Hirst, independent freelance researcher and photojournalist working on the Legally Disabled? project
  • Jane Burton, chair of the Lawyers with Disabilities Division at the Law Society
  • Chris Steel, diversity and inclusion adviser at the Law Society
  • Sarah Alonge, diversity and inclusion adviser at the Law Society


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