Lawyers with disabilities

Lawyers with Disabilities Division roundtables

The Lawyers with Disabilities Division of the Law Society of England and Wales (LDD), in collaboration with the Legally Disabled research team, will be running a series of virtual roundtables for law firms and local law societies across England and Wales.

The roundtables will be focused on the findings of the ground-breaking Legally Disabled research project about the negative and positive experiences of qualified disabled people working, or seeking to work, in the legal profession.

The roundtables will be led by members of the LDD committee. There will be a practical and constructive overview of the research findings and recommendations in a video presentation by Professor Foster and Dr Hirst. This will be followed by a discussion about actions and 'easy wins' to support firms and help organisations to identify opportunities and challenges for improving disability inclusion.

The roundtables will last 90 minutes, including looking in depth at the easy wins and how the suggestions may be implemented.

We intend to launch a resource covering these easy wins which will be available to everyone. Registered participants in the roundtables will be sent an advance copy to inform any questions.

Professor Sara Chandler QC (Hon), Past President of Westminster & Holborn Law Society and Chair of the Law Society Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee, introduced a recent roundtable by saying: "We were most impressed with the thorough research undertaken by the team at Cardiff University which raised many concerns for our members and helped our understanding of the experience of members of the profession who are discriminated against in many ways, both overtly and in daily small instances.”

“The discussion on "easy wins" was particularly helpful for our members in setting out changes that can be adopted immediately. I recommend these roundtables to firms and local law societies as they are a good opportunity to discuss the report recommendations and how to implement them. Thank you members of the Lawyers with Disabilities Division who facilitated the roundtable so professionally."

Contact to book a roundtable event for your local law society at a time and date to be arranged to suit you.

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