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Legally Disabled? research – easy wins for disability inclusion

Our work with the Legally Disabled? research team based out of Cardiff University has highlighted significant barriers for disabled legal professionals. We continue to collaborate with them, and our Lawyers with Disabilities Division, to address the findings of our collaborative research.

The first research report, released in January 2020, explored the career experiences of disabled members of the legal profession and brought several limitations to light. Many of these fall to the responsibility of organisations to address.

It is imperative organisations recognise the role they play in creating a more inclusive and representative profession. Changes to both culture and physical environments are vital to achieving progress and equality for disabled people.

Over recent months, we've held a number of well attended roundtables to discuss both the initial Legally Disabled? report and the follow-up research into people’s experience during the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has presented a variety of opportunities to learn how to embrace modern ways of working to improve inclusion.

These opportunities, together with the research and roundtable discussions, have helped formulate a list of easy wins and action points for organisations.

We have created both a resource for larger organisations within the profession, which is available now, and a targeted resource for smaller organisations which will be launched in early 2021.

View the guidance for larger organisations

Planned future guidance

This is only the starting point. Among other things, we will be publishing guidance on reasonable adjustments, disability leave policies and passporting, and looking how to improve senior engagement and recruitment practices.

In the meantime, let us know how you get on with raising these action points and easy wins within your organisation.

We would like to hear of successes, but we also need to know if something genuinely does not work or could be refined.

To discuss any aspect of making your workplaces more inclusive for disabled people email

Legally Disabled? research

Legally Disabled? The career experiences of disabled people working in the legal profession: 

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