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Your information and security

  • How does the Law Society manage the data I provide?


    Your personal information is stored behind secured networks and is only accessible to a limited number of people (some Law Society staff and contracted third parties for the purpose of supporting and maintaining the system). All are required to keep the information confidential. If you choose to verify your account, your mySRA details are not shared or stored.

    How will the Law Society use the data I provide?


    The information you provide will be used to personalise your website experience and to allow us to deliver the type of content and services that you are most interested in. The information will allow us offer you a better service in responding to your service requests and to administer a promotion, survey or other site feature. If you have opted-in to receive communication from us, we may send you periodic e-mails. If you would no longer like to receive promotional email from us, please visit the account pages of My Law Society.

    When I use My Law Society is my information and data secure?


    The Law Society have implemented a range of security features. On the Law Society site all pages where members personal or private information is displayed or requested, encryption is used and indicated by the display of the padlock symbol in your browser.

    Is the information I provide through my account sent to the SRA?


    The information that you provide for My Law Society is not sent to the SRA.

    Why do you ask for my regional and professional interests?


    Your regional and professional interests are used to customise the content you see on My Law Society. We also use this information to better understand our membership and improve our services. More help and information about your personalised homepage.

    Am I expected to keep my details up to date?


    You do not need to update your details, but by doing so you will help us to provide you with a better service.

    Can my secretary / PA update or otherwise use the service on my behalf?


    We do not provide a delegated-access service for My Law Society. In accordance with the Data Protection Act we do not facilitate or condone the accessing of an account by anyone other than the registered user.

    What if I am using a public computer?


    If using a public computer you are advised to ensure you logout, clear the browser cache and close the browser once you have completed your session.

    How do I close my Law Society account?


    To close your account, contact the Law Society Support Centre on 020 7242 1222 or email

    I think someone else has accessed my account. What should I do?


    If you suspect a security breach of your Law Society account, contact the Law Society Support Centre on 020 7242 1222 or email

    What should I do if I have a problem that isn't resolved here?


    You should look at our other help pages:

    For any other issues or queries, contact the Law Society Support Centre on 020 7242 1222 or email

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