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Registering and verification

  • Frequently asked questions about registering for My Law Society and verifying your membership.

    How do I register for a My Law Society account?


    You can register for My Law Society here.

    We have made the registration process as simple as possible while taking steps to protect your identity. In line with industry best practice, we require minimal personal information and consent to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

    After you submit the registration form, a validation email is sent to the email address you provided. Clicking on the link included in the activation email completes the registration process.

    What information do I need to register for My Law Society?


    A username and password are needed for registration. We also require your full name and a valid email address.

    Please note, some users have not received activation email to BT Internet and AOL email addresses. Please avoid registering with these addresses if possible.

    We ask members to verify membership through confirmation of their mySRA username and password. This verification is not mandatory, but is necessary to access member-only services.

    What will you do with the information I provide during registration?


    The information we ask for at registration is the minimum we need to operate the service. Users can choose to provide additional information once registered and set their marketing preferences, which will help us to provide a better, more relevant service.

    I have tried to register and I am told that the email or username already exists


    This is reported if you're email or username has already been used to create an account. Registered users can request a username or password reminder, which is sent to the registered email.

    If your email is in use but you have not previously registered, contact the Law Society Support Centre on 020 7242 1222 or email

    Why do you ask for MySRA log in details on the registration form?


    The MySRA data you provide to My Law Society is used to verify your identity with the Solicitor's Regulation Authority and grant access to member-only services. Member verification is one time process, we do not store your MySRA data. Any additional data you provide for My Law Society is not sent to the SRA.

    If you are not a member of the Law Society you can register without providing these details.

    Why have you chosen MySRA log in details as the method of member verification?


    We believe this is the most effective way to enable members to access our web services. You do not have to provide your mySRA details at this point, but you will not be able to access some member-only services and benefits.

    What happens if I don't provide my MySRA details on registration?


    Without verification by the SRA, your account will be limited to the services available to guest users. You can verify your membership after registration to access member-only services and benefits by logging in and clicking on Membership.

    I am registered on MySRA but I can't remember my log in details. What do I do?


    The SRA provide an online service for reminding members of MySRA usernames and for resetting MySRA passwords. This service can be accessed from the SRA's website.

    Can I use the same log in details that I use for MySRA?


    My Law Society and MySRA are separate online services requiring different log in details.

    What should I do if I have a problem that isn't resolved here?


    You should look at our other help pages:

    For any other issues or queries, contact the Law Society Support Centre on 020 7242 1222 or email

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