Tax Law Committee

Tax Law Committee

This Tax Law Committee:

reviews and promotes improvements in tax law and procedure.


  • Capital Taxes Sub Committee
  • Corporation Tax Sub Committee
  • Income Tax Sub Committee
  • International Tax Sub Committee
  • Stamp Taxes Working Party
  • VAT and Duties Sub Committee

Who to contact

Governance adminstrator/secretary: Jessica Griffiths
Policy adviser: James Reynolds


  • Lydia Challen (chair)
  • Ben Eaton
  • Duncan Buchanan
  • Graham Chase
  • Heather Gething
  • Jeanette Zaman
  • Jonathan Cooklin
  • John Baldry
  • Lynne Walkington
  • Malcolm Gammie
  • Marilyn McKeever
  • Martin Shah
  • Robert Gaut
  • Sandy Bhogal
  • Sarah Squires
  • Stephen Pallister
  • Zachary Citron
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